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Event Staging

Our services also expand to temporary staging and venue installations for live events. D&D Installations is here to assist you in creating dynamic and impactful design sets unique to your function. Working with furniture and supply companies, we will bring your event designs to life with staging elements to enrich the overall experience for your events. We work to plan, layout, and organize your set designs within our warehouse facility and transport to your venue. The furniture installations that we create, and set are for stages, lounge areas, waiting rooms, reception halls, registration areas, including indoor and outdoor events.

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No matter your budget, we work to bring a highly personalized experience to our clients to ensure that your vision becomes a reality. Our services include installations, props, furniture, natural elements, drapes, and breakdowns.

We will work with your audio-visual contractors, technicians, and venue organizers

Our inventory of specialty furniture is ideal for your corporate events during the day and social events in the evening – inside and out!

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Create Staging Solutions

We eliminate the stress and challenge to find modern, event rentals that are creative with smart staging solutions for your events.

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Custom Made Props

Partner with our experienced team staging experts to create and build unique sets based on your theme and event goals that brings your ideas to life.

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Select from a wide variety of options when laying the foundation of your special event. We offer furniture solutions that range from large outdoor spaces and convention halls to event elements for small back yard settings and registration foyers.

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