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Storage + Warehousing

Should you need a place to store your office equipment for either a short period or long period of time D&D Installations provides reliable, flexible, and secure storage solutions. Our storage services include going to your office, wrapping and packing, furniture pick up from your location, and delivery to our secured storage warehouse for a predetermined amount of time.

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We know that during an office relocation, new furniture is purchased and not all from the same manufacturer all delivered at the same time. Not a problem, you do not have to worry about where to coordinate the storage of the various pieces of furniture from different companies. We will work to plan with you and the manufacturers to collect all of your purchased office furniture and equipment, even when it is delivered from several companies in pieces over an extended amount of time.

Your assets are kept safe and secure with our storage and warehousing services

The movement of your furniture from receiving to delivery is kept safe and secure at our security monitored warehouse storage location. Your office furniture and equipment are kept secure in D&D Installations’ commercial storage facilities where we take the security and protection of your assets very seriously.

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On-site Pickup, Storage + Redelivery

We will arrange to show up at your business, pack and pad wrap, secure, and retrieve your office furniture for delivery to our secured warehouse. Disassembly and re-assembly of items, commercial grade boxes and packing material, with secure transportation.

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Convenience + Coordination

Your office relocation is much easier when you do not have to worry about coordinating the shipping, receiving, delivery, and factory delays of your new furniture because D&D Installations will manage and coordinate the process for you.

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Shipment Receiving from Third Party Deliveries

Arrange for your manufacturer(s) to have your newly purchased office furniture be delivered to us. Receiving your new furniture from different manufacturers that arrives at different times is no problem for us.

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Full Inspection of New Arrivals

While you are at your current location, we will inspect all of your new items upon arrival for storage and communicate with you and the vendor for confirmation. Afterwards, we will assemble the items and deliver them to your new location.

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Loading Dock

Take advantage of our warehouse’s loading dock to make it very convenient for tractor trailer access for cross-dock or tail-gate delivery and pickup.

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